How Far Would You Go?

Every woman knows the challenge of finding the perfect pair of jeans and the value they add to her wardrobe, but today I found the true extent that I would go.

At the store (remaining nameless), I took a number of pairs of jeans with me to the dressing room in various sizes and a variety of brands. I tried on six different pairs until finally one looked promising. I turned in the mirror; yep the butt looks good. These jeans don’t make my thighs look too big and are not too tight. Sat in the chair and checked to make sure there were no gaps. This is it, jackpot!! The final test was to put my hands in my pockets to make sure the disinterested, relaxed look worked in these jeans. However, I touched something sticky and hard at the same time. I pulled it out to examine it more closely and looked directly at an egg sack for some sort of insect. My mind flashed to nightmares of spiders or other creepy crawlies as I quickly dropping those perfect jeans to the ground and kicking them across the room. I was able to contain the shrieks of horror, but just barely.

Getting dressed as quickly as I could, I left the dressing room. I went back to the racks just as a girl, probably about 17 years old, grabbed the LAST pair in my size. Not wanting to give up I followed her into the dressing room and when she came out to look in the mirror, I calmly pointed out how fat her thighs looked. Come on…..what would you do for the perfect pair of jeans?


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