I Saw Death Today

Below is a re-blog from a friend. It is a bit freaky but true – I hope you enjoy.

It struck me as odd; the way he was nonchalantly strolling across the busy, lunch-hour lanes of Iliff. The 70-something year old man was wearing a black, tailored suit and black gloves. I also found this strange because my car’s thermometer read 71 degrees.

I was sitting in the left hand turn lane and when he stepped in front of my car he stopped and turned to look at me. His stare was cold, his eyes were black. I froze with terror, from the back seat my son screamed. Was it timing or did he sense this man, and what he brought with him?

The man then continued across the street, sat on the curb and pulled a Yoohoo from his right, breast pocket.  I watched as he drank, the light changed and people from Havana were starting to turn onto Iliff.

The woman third in line was clearly staring at the man. My breath caught in my chest. She was driving straight for him. She looked dazed. At the last minute the lady swerved and drove into a brick retaining wall.

The sound was deafening. My ears were ringing and the world was spinning. Everything was moving in slow motion. I pulled to the side of the road, pulled my son out of the car and ran to the accident. I was ready to use my CPR training. I’ve been certified for the last 10 years but have never had to use it.

I wasn’t the first person there. I put the car seat on the sidewalk. It knocked over an empty bottle of Yoohoo. The woman was dead. Her head pressing the horn, her body limp, her blond hair, streaked with blood was covering her face.

No one else had seen the man. I’m not sure the police even believed that he was ever there, accept for the empty bottle of Yoohoo.


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