Strangers Need To Keep To Themselves

Every Friday my friend, we will call her “Lucy”, and I meet at a coffee shop to work. People may doubt this but we work hard even though we are laughing the whole time.

One particular Friday Lucy hobbled in to join me at the back table with a huge removable cast because she had just broken foot and was hurting.

About three hours later a man at a table near us packed up his stuff, but made a detour and put his hand on Lucy’s shoulder. Lucy seemed to have a sixth sense and sighed deeply knowing that what came next was not going to be good. Strangers approach her ALL of the time!!!! I don’t know why but they do.

She turned and smiled at the man and he said, “I just noticed that you are wearing a cast. Would it be ok if I prayed for you?”

I was thinking prayer group and I thought that was very nice. Lucy said, “It’s OK, I broke my foot, but it is healing just fine.”

The man asked Lucy to please stand. She signed but stood and the stranger bent his head in pray and chanted “Please Lord heal this foot, heal this foot so it will be painful no more.” He opened his eyes and asked Lucy to walk back and forth. “Is it better?” he asked.

“I think it is,” said Lucy trying desperately to think of something to make this creep go away.

“How much better?” he asked.

“I think it is 30% better,” said Lucy.

The stranger bent down, closed his eyes, and chanted again, “You are not a 30% God you are a 100% percent God. Heal this woman. Make her 100%, onnneee-hunnndreedd percent!!!!” Again, he asked her to walk back and forth. “Is it better?” he asked.

Now Lucy wanted this guy to go away, but refused to tell him that she was healed because she was afraid that he would insist she take her cast off (and her foot was hurting). Therefore, she said, “It is a little better, may 60%, thank you.”

Once again, the stranger bent down and closed his eyes chanting again “You are not a 60% God, you are a 100% God, heal 100%.”

Lucy walked up and down and finally said, “Yep, it is a lot better, 90% now. Thank you.”

Finally, the stranger consented stating that 90% was close. He asked Lucy if she attends church and she politely told him that she does not at this time. He asked her to try his church would not give up until he told Lucy the merits of the church. Lucy tried to explain that she has been to church in the past but it was not something she was interested at this time, but he would not give up. Lucy calmly pointed to me (an old married woman) and said, “What is your church’s policy on open relationships?”

Until this moment, my jaw was hanging wide open. I could not believe the audacity of this stranger, but with the last comment, I smiled and waved at the stranger. I was barely able to keep myself from cracking up.

The stranger looked my way and said his church was very open, but got the message. He packing up his stuff and said a farewell.


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