Really Someone Said NO?

On a recent flight, I observed an amusing interaction, with a lesson for everyone.

As I took my seat on the aisle, I looked around and saw a couple with an infant sitting in the row across from me. The couple occupied the window and middle seat holding the infant. As the rest of the passengers boarded an elderly woman took the aisle seat next to the young couple. The man asked the woman if there was any way she would consider moving to the window seat so that if the baby got fussy they could stand. To my amazement, the woman did not take them up on the offer and replied, “I’d rather not, and I have a sore back and would rather no get up and move.” My jaw dropped!!! The couple was trying to think ahead preventing her from having to get up and down multiple times if the baby started fussing.

So I was preparing for an uncomfortable flight, with a fussy baby and parents who were stuck with no way to get out and walk around. We took off and immediately the man nudged the woman in the aisle seat stating that he needed to get the diaper bag. He bent over and around this woman, stepping on her foot as he grabs the bag from the overhead compartment. A few minutes later, they dropped a bottle, and he again leaned over the woman to reach and pick it up. The woman still would not budge.

She then turned off the air above her seat. I immediately saw the young couple turn their air on full blast and point them in the direction of the aisle. Later in the flight the elderly woman leaned in to look out the window, the young woman holding the infant turned to smile as she closed her shade on the window. As an observer, the little things they did to make this woman regret not swapping seats was hilarious.

I noticed that baby fell asleep right away and did not fuss once so the only person on the flight who was uncomfortable was the woman who would not give up her aisle seat.

Word of advice; if someone with an infant asks to trade seats don’t say “NO”.


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