HP Nightmare Financing

Another item that I forgot to add previously. When I entered my newest order I used my preferred account. I was told by the sales person that the charge would be made immediately and billing would start the day my order was entered. He said it was just like a credit card. I questioned him on this because I was under the impression (from the bank) that I would not be billed until the product was shipped. That is how transactions on Amazon and other sites work, even with a credit card. He acted as though I was crazy and that I should expect to pay for a product that may take months before i even see it, but I should expect to pay for it!

That just doesn’t seem right (or legal) to me. Anyone else have any thoughts? Is this just another person at HP who doesn’t really know what is going on? Have I talked to every incompetent person there yet (see previous post)? When do I get to hear from someone who really knows what is going on and can help?


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