HP Nightmare – Update

Just wanted to make an update to the blog.

1. The sales person was wrong. My account is showing a pending charge, but the charge will not be made until the shipment is received – which is correct. The next battle will be to get the $100 credit promised by the resolutions department. The fun never ends.

2. My computer shipped!!!! So whatever parts they were working on for the Spectre XT, they must have arrived. I received a shipping notice late Friday evening. Won’t see the computer until late Thursday evening (estimated delivery date by FedEx) because they never did even try to change the shipping method to Next Day.

All in all, I am excitedly awaiting the delivery.

Will be composing a letter to the President of HP letting her know about the frustrations that many of us have encountered lately with support.

Hope everyone else has happy news on shipment as well.



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