Photo Hosting Website

Please help! I am looking to find a site where I can upload a large number of photos (10,000), have those photos protected (right-click and watermark) and “sell” the download of the photos to people. I am trying to run a fund-raiser for a non-profit puppy rescue, selling the professional puppy photos for a small donation.

I found SmugMug which is perfect, except for the $300/annual sticker price that I need to pay for everything that I want to do on the site. I have to sell a ton of photos to even break even with this site.

I contacted them about non-profit discounts, it took 1 1/2 months for them to get back to me and let me know that I could not have a free account, but that they would give me 50% off the first year. TERRIFIC, now we are talking.

I went to upgrade my account and change it from monthly to annual – and there is no way to do that in the system. So I sent an email again to the non-profit person. Didn’t hear back for 10 days. Then today, I get some emails and he said he could do it by the end of the day. Every email said, we can get things taken care of whenever you are ready. I wrote back 5 times – I am ready – what do you need from me!  It is the end of the day, the account has not changed – I am fed up!

So, long story short – I am in the market for a photo hosting website like SmugMug that is not SmugMug. Please, please, please send me your suggestions.


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